All You Should Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Last year the Microsoft Dynamics 365 was one of the most exciting developments of the year. But this year, Microsoft has added a slew of features, making it even better than before. The new changes have smothered some of the kinks, while creating a system that is easy to use and allows for increased collaboration.

The Dynamics 365 is one of the best collaborative software’s in the market today; combining a number of MS services under one umbrella, making them scalable and efficient. But it isn’t dynamic just for its flexibility. Microsoft updates ensure that this is software that will keep evolving, improving on its own and creating benchmarks.

But as a user it is important that we keep track of what is new and how it can help us? So, what should we expect in 2017? It’s a mix of old, new and upgraded that you need to know.

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Relationship Insights
This is the closest you will get to a virtual assistant. Part of the Dynamics CRM, Relationship Insights assistant keeps a track of your tasks and activities by following all your interactions. The assistant will track all your communications, reminders and other input to integrate in your workflow and user tasks. Not only will that it also use the data to assign your urgent tasks. Not only will you get notifications on urgent actions, reminders of follow-up, the tool goes one step further by helping you to manage emails, chart priorities, and even pinpoint opportunities.

Relationship Insights has a feature names Action Cards that provides the following:

  • Reminders concerning upcoming activities
  • Suggestions on re-establishing contact with dormant/inactive contacts
  • Alerts on unanswered emails
  • Pinpointing potential opportunities that are close to a finish
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As part of its email management, it will also give you a choice of templates, recommending the most preferred options. It gives a scheduled delivery options so that your emails can be composed in advance and sent at a time of your choosing. And here’s the cool feature: You will be able to see recipient’s actions, whether they read your mail and opened your attachments!

Outlook Client
The Dynamics 365 is meant to be truly collaborative software and the integration of the OutLook Client with the CRM is further proof of that. Dynamics now allows you to keep a track of your tasks and appointments without moving out of the inbox. The feature extends to all OS with Outlook for Windows, Macs and Web Application. It will soon be available on iPhone as well.

Editable Grids
This cool feature allows you to carry out in-line editing for main views as well as sub-grids. It supports JavaScript and grouping, dragging columns around, other web resources and gives you extra capability in mobile apps.

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Business Intelligence
Ever since its launch, the Dynamics’ Business Intelligence tool has been one of its most powerful features. In 2017 you have better options at customizing the BI dashboard. The dashboard also has more powerful cross-platform adaptability today.

Azure Machine Learning
Azure Machine Learning is another example of the Dynamic’s smart use of machine intelligence. It carries out a multiple complicated tasks that require the analysis of all information fed into the system or the cloud. It suggests better marketing options, carries out case analysis and even auto-suggests articles of interest.

Adding to this is the Next Best Action (NBA) feature, which analysis the CRM database to recommend the next bet action! Together these tools use artificial intelligence to analyze and suggest a course of action.

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App Modules
App Modules are a medium for deploying different applications, dashboards, process flows and forms. Now you have more flexibility and space for customization in the module. This is also extremely user friendly with no coding or plugging. A simple drag and drop is sufficient. You can also make your app highly targeted.

The Site Map Designer is equally easy to use with just a drag and drop functionality, ensuring a better user interface. You can also create multiple site maps.

Relevance Search
This is a feature that can save you considerable time. As the name suggests it filters your search according to relevance. This means that your search automatically tracks all fields, forms relevant associations and word versions. In other words, it refines your search to give you the most probable choices, saving time and effort.

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