Antivirus Software and Security Suites: Protection for New Types of e-Threats

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2018

Today we live in a world where our online existence has become just as important as our offline existence. And why should it not be? The worldwide web has genuinely made the world seem smaller than it is; people connect with each other from different time zones, and the distance doesn’t matter as much. Our identities, relationship status, even our shopping needs and police complaints can now be taken care of from sitting on our favorite couch. And with this comes the need for protection.

Protection of our personal data, banking data and what not
Our online protection needs can often exceed what was normally defined as “antivirus,” as many new types of e-threats would typically not be covered by traditional best antivirus products. That is where internet security suites come in. They offer additional layers of protection again phishing, spyware, ransomware, adware, etc., as well as enhanced privacy, webcam protection, password management and protection, and much more.

The major difference between antivirus and internet security is that while an antivirus protects you from viruses that may infect your computer, an internet security suite protects you from many other forms of malicious content and action, by having advanced features such as a firewall, phishing detection over the internet, capability to detect key loggers and good action against Trojans and worms.

Some of the best antivirus for Windows today includes Multi-layer ransomware protection, advanced security on resources all by using encryption of passwords and other sensitive information, protecting not only documents but our identity as a whole. It also helps with safe online banking and safeguards against frauds along with providing a reliable platform for secure browsing complete data protection, and anti-phishing. Nowadays, antivirus’ also comes with a “Rescue mode” which removes viruses like root kits before launching your windows.

So how are they different from Internet Security Suites you may ask?
“Well the answer is quite simple, the best internet security suite not only includes the advantages that an antivirus provides but so much more”

Data ProtectionData Protection:
Data threats are at peak. Internet virus, worms, Trojans or zero-day exploits, every day you face newer challenges. Internet Security Suites have superseded the traditional antivirus. All your data is safe with a robust Internet Security Suite.

Advanced defense:
Your data cannot wait till your antivirus detects a corruption or leak. With Internet Security Suites are intelligent enough to take action in case of any suspicious activity.

Webcam leak ProtectionWebcam leak Protection:
Webcam chats are prone to extreme data leaks. The Internet security Suites ensure to block any App that tries to steal data from the webcam streams.

Multi-layer Protection:
When it comes to protection of your sensitive files nothing tops the security of Internet Security Suites.

Phishing Protection:
Internet Security Suites identify and block the non-trustworthy phishing sites.

Fraud Protection:
Protection against frauds sites is no more a worry. Internet Security Suites warns you about the fraudulent websites.

File Protection:
No Application can access your important files until you add those Apps in your File data. This protects your files from any malware trying to corrupt or steal your data.

Browsing protection:
Internet Security Suites will warn you against any website that is not safe to browse. It will inform you even before you click those sites.

They provide complete Windows protection at uncompromising speeds, i.e., Advanced Threat Defense, privacy firewall, parental adviser and social network protection along with Vulnerability assessment. It provides a global protective network and gaming modes all the while keeping the seed of your PC uncompromised. Now doesn’t that sound great?

The need for protection in today’s world is just as it said 20 years from now, only more if not the same. Digital makes our life more comfortable and therefore a lot more vulnerable to theft, whether monetary or identity. The world we live in today is not just susceptible to your house getting robbed or someone grabbing your wallet, and therefore the number of layers of security needed is a lot more.

There are a lot of excellent antivirus and internet security suites available online, but they are limited. To avail the full strength of these, subscriptions are required but aren’t those worth it if they can protect you? Some of the best Internet Security Suites we find are actually Bitdefender, Avast and Glary’s Utilities. But there are quite a few of them out there.

My suggestion! Don’t take it casually, think about it and invest. Your virtual identity is important too.

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