About Us

Daming Mingding Chemical Limited Liability Company is a new and high-tech enterprise in fine chemical industry integrated of scientific research and manufacturing and was invested in 1993.

The company covers over 160mu with construction area of 60,000 square meters. There are more than 160 employees. And the company has strong and comprehensive scientific research and technological development capacity. Mingding can provide dyes, pigments and medical intermediate in dozens of varieties. All products have high scientific and technological content and high quality. Through 20 years of development, our company has become a key enterprise with multiple workshops, multiple production lines and dozens of varieties with output value of hundred millions and profit and tax of ten millions.

The company has a sewage treatment plant. In 2001, Mingding gained self-managed import and export right; in 2002, it passed ISO-9000 international quality system authentication. And the company has been awarded of many honor titles, such as, Hebei science-and-technology enterprise, Hebei new and high-tech enterprise, Excellent private enterprise, Hbei new and high-tech product, Handan scientific and technological progress 1st prize. Daming Mingding Chemical Limited Liability Company has become a shining pearl in fine chemical industry in China.

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