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Databricks Apache Spark

Whether it is a small or a big enterprise, data protection is the biggest concern. Today, with the widespread of big data technologies, there is a higher level of data security needed. These big data technologies are very persistent in every part of the company, so they require a data platform that can meet their needs and protect their critical data properly.

Databricks, a Unified Analytics Platform recently came up with Apache Spark that is 100% open source. A foremost assessment of Databricks provides configuration, tuning of machine’s cluster and automatic provisioning that process data. In this blog post, we are going to know more about Databricks, Apache Spark and also how it plays a major role in securing enterprise data.

Databricks- A Synopsis
Databricks is a UA Platform, (as mentioned above), and it is designed with the best security features. Built on an open source, Apache Spark engine, this platform affixes to the data in the storage infrastructure for extracting data value along with maintaining high security. There are hundreds of companies that have deployed Databricks in order to improve their production, democratize data access and efficiency of data teams. Also, this platform is available in 10 Amazon Web Services areas across the world. Perhaps, security is a crucial aspect of any Enterprise and when it comes to meeting their severe security requirements, it is important to have a satisfactory level of compliance, governance and Risk Management.

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Features of Databricks
Databricks come with many amazing features that make it the best platform for Enterprises to protect data. Let us explore these Databricks features.

End-To-End Protection
For enterprises, Databricks offer a virtual analytics data platform to simplify robust deployment of production applications, data integration as well as real-time experimentation. Amid the strategic partnership agreement with investment from In-Q-Tel Inc, Databricks will extent the position of Apache Spark as the foremost processing engine which is easy to use, made for speed and refined analytics by providing a cloud-based platform, supporting the outfitted needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community.  The virtual analytic platform of Databricks solve the challenges related to security by making all the facets of enterprise security, such as monitoring and auditing, encryptions, role-based access control, and identity management into the data platform along with end-to-end security system known as Databricks Enterprise Security.

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Best-in-class Encryption
Databricks allows an enterprise to take advantages of server-side encryption offered by the fundamental data sources consumer libraries. It also offers convenience and explicit support techniques for server-side S3 encryption via any of the SSE-KMS, SSE-S3 or SSE-C.  For accessing Databricks, a user needs authentication by using the best practices to secure against the attacks of brute force penetration that is available using HTTPs.

Integrated Identity Management
Nowadays, many enterprises use an identity provider, or service such as Ping Identity, Okta that highly supports SAML 2.0. This simplifies the process of accounts management and setup on the Databricks and the users will also have the benefit of streamlined login method as they can easily log into it with a single click rather than remembering your passwords.

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Ability to Monitor and Audit Actions
With an inclusive audit log, Databricks make sure to monitor and audit actions acquired in the data infrastructure of an enterprise. The audit logs of Databricks are a comprehensive record of platform activity that permits enterprises to scrutinize the thorough usage prototypes of their data as per the business needs. This also permits a major authority to reconstruct important events easily with the user’s action, time and detail and other informative data.

Achieving Security Compliances
In order to achieve security compliances, DBES is the major component in the ongoing initiative of Databricks. It also has facilitated Databricks platform to be set up by Federal agencies with the firm security standards.  Apart from this, Databricks can put forward an HIPAA-compliant solution and also completed SOC 2 Type 1 Certification successfully. For the agencies like customers migrating services and the U.S. Government agencies, Databricks is accessible in Amazon Web Services GovCloud (U.S.).

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It addresses particular strict and regulatory compliance needs, including DoD SRG Level 3 needs, International Traffic in Arms Regulations and FedRAMP. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Databricks is the foremost completely managed virtual analytics platform of Apache Spark available.

If you are looking for a personalized demo then get in touch with Databricks today and register for Free!

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